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I went Undercover as a Used Car Salesman to Help Share the Benefits of Electric

Wed, 06/26/2019 - 20:22
I went undercover as a used car salesman to help non-profit Veloz share the benefits of electric cars.

Standing with Former AG Eric Holder for Bipartisan Reform in New Hampshire

Thu, 06/13/2019 - 15:53
I was proud to fight to establish an independent commission in CA to return power to the people over a decade ago and I’m proud to stand with former AG Eric Holder for bipartisan reform in New Hampshire today.

Watch “Wonders of the Sea” on Apple TV

Tue, 06/04/2019 - 15:45
Fall in love with the oceans on an underwater journey with the Cousteaus (and hear me say “anemone”!) when you watch Wonders of the Sea on Apple TV.

You Can Protect the Environment and the Economy

Thu, 05/30/2019 - 18:31
Any politician who tells you you can’t protect the environment and the economy is full of crap.

Last Chance to Join Me at My Home

Wed, 05/22/2019 - 18:26
It’s your LAST CHANCE to enter my Omaze campaign to join me for an incredible evening at my home in LA.

My Secret Ingredient for Protein Shakes

Mon, 04/01/2019 - 18:21
For the first time ever, I am sharing my top secret ingredient for my protein shakes.

My Heroes at the Arnold Sports Festival

Sat, 03/02/2019 - 12:59
When I walk through the Arnold Sports Festival people tell me I’m their hero, and I appreciate it. But I wanted to introduce the crowd at the Arnold Sports Festival to some of my heroes.

Arnold Sports Festival 2019

Tue, 02/26/2019 - 12:46
Meet Your Heroes at Arnold Sports Festival 2019. The Arnold Sports Festival will feature entertainment and pop culture programming for the first time in 2019.

Conan is Back

Mon, 02/11/2019 - 17:05
I was so pumped to get this new special edition comic book. They’ll be available at the Arnold Sports Festival or you can get yours now.

First Ever Arnold Sports Festival Strongman USA

Tue, 01/22/2019 - 16:55
Thank you to all of you who came out to the pier for our first ever Arnold Sports Festival Strongman USA. It was a fantastic event, and most importantly, we raised a lot of money for the firefighters.

Arnold Strongman USA Championship

Wed, 01/16/2019 - 21:01
The Arnold Pro Strongman USA is the first time I have ever brought the Arnold Strongman Series to LA, and I'm pumped that we are having it at the Santa Monica Pier, right next to the original Muscle Beach.

Hollenbeck Youth Center and Inner-City Games

Sat, 12/15/2018 - 21:12
My annual Christmas tradition for more than two decades - donating and giving out toys at Hollenbeck Youth Center and Inner-City Games. If you can, please find every way you can to give back this time of year.

Statement on the Passing of President George H.W. Bush

Fri, 11/30/2018 - 23:09
From the day he first put on his U.S. Navy flight suit and took off into the unknown, he always put his country first. George Bush was an inspiration to all Americans and we will miss him dearly.

Bonnie Reiss Memorial Lecture

Wed, 10/24/2018 - 14:51
Today we are celebrating the life of my dear friend and advisor Bonnie Reiss. But she didn’t want a memorial, so I am joining a conversation between former opponents David Axelrod and Steve Schmidt about bridging the divide in our country.

Michigan, vote yes on 2!

Mon, 10/22/2018 - 14:42
Watch video of our rally from East Lansing to Terminate Gerrymandering. Michigan, vote yes on 2!

Schwarzenegger Is Back in a Fight Against Gerrymandering

Mon, 10/15/2018 - 14:30
“Everything you do is always a campaign, it’s always about showing your passion and fighting for it. The worst thing you can do is sit on your couch.”

How Arnold Became Arnold: The Men’s Health Legends Interview

Wed, 10/10/2018 - 14:24
It was fantastic to sit down for Men's Health's 30th Anniversary cover story to talk about life, success, failure, and the importance of growing, evolving, and staying hungry.

Help Me Terminate Gerrymandering!

Thu, 10/04/2018 - 14:18
Help me terminate gerrymandering, and I’ll fly one of you to visit me on the Terminator set in Budapest.

2018 Arnold Sports Festival Europe Champion Michal Križo Križánek!

Sat, 09/29/2018 - 14:10
Congratulations to our 2018 Arnold Sports Festival Europe Champion, Michal Križo Križánek.

Fight for a Clean Energy Future

Mon, 09/24/2018 - 14:02
This is why I fight for a clean energy future. I fight so that the next generation can breathe cleaner air than we did, lead healthier lives, and have better, safer jobs.‬