The Terminator

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Spring Time, Meat Time

Mark - Venison Roast & Venison Back-Straps / Homemade Ale

Matt - Mild / Spicy Sausage

Ben - Chili w/ Maggi(e) Seasoning

Mike - Beef Brisket / Beer Bread / Brownies

Jim - Bacon Stuffed Burgers Marinaded in Spicy Sauce

John - Chicken Vesuvio w/ Roasted Potato Wedges

Andrew - Bone-In Rib Roast

Steve - Dry Rubbed Ribs / Cookies

Arterial Assault No. 38

Andrew - Ribs

Matt / Jason - Homemade Guacomole

John - BBQ Chicken / Baken Chicken

Jim - 2x 4lb Beef Briskets With Handsome Stranger Sauce

Mark - 3x Pork Tenderloins

Ben - Dylan's Son of a Fish Fry / Fried Potatos

Mike - Bennet's Bacon Surprise