Animated Scene Between Bennett and John

Arguably the best scene in the movie but in an animated format.

Arnold Little Tortilla Boy

Pablo puts his voice talents by performing all cast members voices on a movie trailer.

Arnold vs. Stallone Epic Rap Battle

The impressions aren't that great but the lyrics are very well done.

Arnold's Pizza Shop

One of the earliest and still the best parodies out there.

Batman and Robin: The Musical Image

To be honest, this music video is better than the actual movie.

Behind The Wheel With Arnold

Arnold takes a drive and makes a startling revelation about his Nintendo.

Commando The Musical

Fans of Commando will truly appreciate this great musical.

Conan The Musical

Take an epic two and a half hour film, compress it down to three minutes of hilarious lyrics and this is the glorious result.

David Andrew Brent - Arnold Impression Backstage at Brantford

This guy probably does one of the best Arnold impressions around... the pitch and tone is spot on.

Epic Handshake Between Dutch and Dillon

See what really happened when the biceps bulged in the jungle...


Arnold shows the Four Winds who is truly powerful.

Honest Trailers for Terminator Genisys

While we disagree with the poor reviews, the Honest Trailer is still a bit entertaining.

Honest Trailers - Predator

The guys from Honest Trailers do a pretty solid tribute to one of the greatest movies of all time.

Jealous of Arnold's Pecs

Even though this is a parody, the original is just as ridiculous.

MAD TV - Arnold's Bedtime

A typical evening plays out in Arnold and Maria's bedroom.

MAD TV - Arnold's Superfantastic Musical

Just another day in the life of Arnold.

MAD TV - Terminator & Jesus

In this spoof, the Terminator is sent back in time to protect Jesus.

Predator: The Musical

Easily one of the best musicals created, this video takes the best lines in Predator from all the characters and forms them into a fantastic and hilarious musical.

Terminator 2 The Opera

Another solid musical from Jon and Al Kaplan.

Terminator Genisys The Musical

A brilliant mixture of 1984 and 2015 from great minds of Jon and Al.

Terminator vs. Robocop Epic Rap Battle

While not as good as the musicals by Jon and Al, this is still pretty entertaining.

The Expendables: The Musical

Arnold comes in around the 1:17 mark because PG-13 is for... well... you'll find out...

The Governator Cartoon Theme Song

Hopefully this will be coming soon to a Saturday morning near you.

The Rock Impersonates Arnold

A quick but pretty decent impression of Arnold performed by The Rock.

The Running Man vs. The Hunger Games Musical

Everyone knew it was true how they ripped off The Running Man (or possibly... Arnold was in the mysterious District 13... and it was the prequel to The Hunger Games books... think about it)

Total Recall The Musical

Welcome to the Mountains of Mars!