Fan Favorites

Arguably the best scene from the movie looped for 10 minutes of pure awesome.

Arnold is known for his one-liners that and this compilation shows how incredible he is at their delivery.

Arnold puts on a disguise to help some folks out at Gold's Gym to raise money and awareness for After-School All-Stars.

Arnold visits Rio de Janeiro to experience the local customs and traditions.

Arguably the best thing to come out of Killing Gunther is Arnold singing in this masterful performance.

One of the earliest and still the best parodies out there.

From his bodybuilding days this old video reveals Arnold's secret workout sauce.

The conversation is brief but notice the direction of Arnold's eyes at 1:01.

The name says it all.

Fans of Commando will truly appreciate this great musical.

One of the great scenes from Conan the Barbarian.

Horses, camels, people... he must smash them all.

Take an epic two and a half hour film, compress it down to three minutes of hilarious lyrics and this is the glorious result.

One of the many classic scenes from The Running Man.

We imagine this is how Arnold felt repeatedly during his Governorship dealing with the bureaucrats.

See what really happened when the biceps bulged in the jungle...

Well... how else would you go about getting Dynamo's attention?

The guys from Honest Trailers do a pretty solid tribute to one of the greatest movies of all time.

Conan begins to lose it...

Behind the scenes / interviews from the Commando Special Edition release.

As bad the the movie was... Arnold still had some pretty funny lines.

Arnold made his own video of all explosions from all his currently release movies.

Easily one of the best musicals created, this video takes the best lines in Predator from all the characters and forms them into a fantastic and hilarious musical.

Remix of Arnold's best line in Jingle All The Way.

Bullet's do not hurt Arnold so why should they hurt anyone else?

Seven to eight lunches later, Arnold finds the kid stuffing his face.

The short 7 minute film used at Universal Studios live-action attraction.

Another solid musical from Jon and Al Kaplan.

Ever wonder how many bodies Arnold left on film (minus escape plan)? Now you can find out...

Arnold comes in around the 1:17 mark because PG-13 is for... well... you'll find out...

A fantastic follow-up to the original 160 Greatest Quotes video.

Of all the greatness in Total Recall, this may be the best line.

Everyone knew it was true how they ripped off The Running Man (or possibly... Arnold was in the mysterious District 13... and it was the prequel to The Hunger Games books... think about it)

The guy who put this together is fantastic. He takes nearly every Arnold scream from every Arnold movie and put them into one incredible video montage.

That guy will be whatever Arnold tells him to be.

If you don't already know this answer... you probably need to let off some steam or become a farmer with a couple of acres.

If you try to tell Arnold what he can't do... you are wrong.

Best line from End of Days.