Even after getting egged at a rally, Arnold still goes on to say how much he loves America and the greatness of freedom in a democratic society.

Arnold knows how to get people talking and you have to admit, of all the knives in the world, that particular knife is truly worthy of Arnold.

Arnold let's the people know how California is doing in the annual State of the Union address in 2008.

In his last and final weekly address as Governor of California, Arnold says 'Thank you'.

Arnold gives an introduction for a PBS special on how free markets created the environment for his success.

Arnold is promoting one his many great political reform messages.

Arnold and James Cameron once again join forces to take on greenhouse gases caused from raising livestock.

In one of his weekly addresses, Arnold brings up the issue of California's pension problems.

Arnold pumps up California voters with a 'Recall Election' commercial.

Arnold Schwarzenegger says action against climate change can happen faster when taken at a state and local level. At the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Schwarzenegger proposed the UN hold a conference for local and state governments.

While the quality is not the greatest, the lyrics are phenomenal.

Arnold has always been an advocate of the environment. This is his part from the Showtime series focusing on climate change.

Arnold is out spreading the word to conserve and prepare for the future by reducing carbon emissions.