Only one such as Arnold could pull off this type of comedy in a commercial.

Step 1: Lift tea kettles. Step 2: Eat noodles. Step 3: Become Arnold.

None of that other crap filler... only the best part with Arnold!

Arnold definitely has Stone Cold's number on this one.

Arnold gets ready for what appears to be the most epic Superbowl commercial of all time.

Arnold and Jackie Chan ride around on motorcycles with explosions informing of the public of how stealing movies is a crime.

Get ready... Arnold is coming...

Arnold knows how to get people talking and you have to admit, of all the knives in the world, that particular knife is truly worthy of Arnold.

This is better than The 6th Day because there's even more Arnold's in this commercial.

Arnold is promoting one his many great political reform messages.

The person who put this compilation (30 commercials!) together has very high marks in our book. Thank you very much for bringing us this much awesome Arnold.

We are pretty sure it's energy drink... commence Arnold laughter!

Arnold puts his marketing power behind a mobile app with plenty of destruction to go around in a Super Bowl 50 commercial.

Arnold returns to Muscle Beach to promote his new line of nutritional supplements.

Noodles. Only noodles. Ok - maybe there is some dough pounding and mountains exploding but it's mostly noodles.

Arnold pumps up California voters with a 'Recall Election' commercial.

This commercial embodies everything amazing about Arnold. He crushes a team of rowers, he causes a wake bigger than a speed boat, and the nose of the boat is at a 45 degree angle of POWER!

Without a doubt, the greatest Superbowl commercial of all time.

Terminator meets Terminator. Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and Linda Hamilton team up in this #ESPN spot.

If you don't own his book, you should. It is quite amazing. Watch this to get pumped up about it.

If he added, "NOW!" at the end, everyone would go.

Did not have plans to buy the video game but now... maybe...

Yup... Arnold's still got it.

Arnold has come full circle and back to his roots as a Greek god.

A teaser for the full commercial with Arnold getting some coffee in the morning as Zeus.