10 Questions for Arnold - Time Magazine

From Time Magazine's 10 Questions series. We are sure this is the greatest interview they have ever had.

A Look Back at Arnold's Workouts with Bill Simmons

The two watch Pumping Iron and Arnold talks about what it was like working out in his prime.

Arnold and Linda Hamilton Try Some Korean Food

Arnold and Linda Hamilton are making the rounds promoting Terminator: Dark Fate and sample some fine Korean cuisine on the show, Korean Englishman.

Arnold Discusses Bodybuilding and his Future Career in Cinema

This interview comes from the mid to late 70s and really shows that Arnold knew what his future would hold.

Arnold Interviews Zivile Raudoniene

From the Annual Arnold Classic competition. She should be so lucky to be interviewed by Arnold.

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Son-in-law Chris Pratt, Pranking Sylvester Stallone & Terminator’s Return

Arnold talks about being evacuated from his home, the biggest natural disaster he faced as Governor of California, the moment he knew that Chris Pratt would be a good son-in-law, tricking his biggest rival Sylvester Stallone to do a terrible movie.

Arnold Talks About His Tank with Jimmy Fallon

Arnold reminisces about his time in the Austrian Military and how he used to drive his tank.

Arnold, Stallone, and Willis Interview - 1992 Image

Not sure how the camera didn't explode with that much testosterone on screen (1992).

Austin O'Brian and Arnold Talk Last Action Hero

Skip ahead to 0:55 and get right to Arnold.

Bigfanboy Interview with Arnold and Johnny Knoxville

A quick interview to promote The Last Stand with Knoxville proclaiming how great it was working with Arnold.

Canadian TV - 2012

Arnold promotes his book and answers questions about his affair.

Comic Con 2013 Interview

A quick interview with Arnold hyping up Escape Plan.

Conan Movies Interview

Arnold talks about a variety of things that went on in filming the Conan movies and how they treated the animals on set better than the actors.

Conan O' Brien Interview 11-10-99

Arnold helps Conan out with some physique tips while promoting End of Days.

Conan O'Brien Interview - End of Days Promo - 1999

The best part is Arnold making fun of the cardboard cut-out of Conan O'Brien.

End of Days Interview Part 1/4 - 1999

Arnold talks about his early years and how it shaped him for the future.

End of Days Interview Part 2/4 - 1999

Arnold talks about living in London, learning English, and moving to America.

End of Days Interview Part 3/4 - 1999

Arnold looks back at Hercules in New York and becoming the highest paid actor in Hollywood.

End of Days Interview Part 4/4 - 1999

In the final segment, End of Days and politics are discussed.

ET Interview with Arnold & Stallone - Escape Plan Promo

Arnold and Stallone promoting their movie, "Escape Plan" on Entertainment Tonight.

George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight - 2012

From movies to politics and Arnold's affair, this is a very serious and down-to-earth interview.

Get to the Choppa on QVC with Jimmy Fallon

Arnold with Jimmy Fallon blending things with "Di Choppa" on the QVC channel.

GMA Interview - 1987 Image

A more down to earth interview on Good Morning America in 1987.

GMA Interview 10-1-2012

George Stephanopoulos sits down with Arnold for a quick look back on his life.

Google Hangout - 10-5-2012

Arnold looks back at his life, movies, and fields some questions from fans.

Google Play - 10-17-2012

Arnold talks about his life, movie career, and how to self-motivate and achieve great things.

Graham Norton Show - Arnold Impersonations Abound

Everyone gives it their best shot at impersonating Arnold.

Indian Television Interview Image

Arnold discusses politics and future aspirations on an Indian television program.

Jimmy Fallon Gets Razzed About His Girly Man's Car

Arnold talks some sense into Jimmy Fallon and his baby car along with imbuing some cigar knowledge upon him.

Johnny Carson Interview - Part 1: Women Can Weightlift to Get Fit Image

Arnold talks with Johnny Carson about his book made for women that want to exercise.

Johnny Carson Interview - Part 2: Setting Exercise Goals Image

Arnold further discusses exercise and fitness with Johnny Carson.

Johnny Carson Interview - Part 3: 20 Minutes a Day Image

Arnold lays out how to exercise at home with simple exercises in 15-20 minutes a day.

Kelly & Michael Interview - 10-18-2013

Arnold gives a pretty lengthy interview on the Kelly and Michael show.

Korean Taxi Ride - Part 1

While visiting South Korea, Arnold takes a ride in a taxi. Part 1 of 2.

Korean Taxi Ride - Part 2/2

While visiting South Korea, Arnold takes a ride in a taxi. Part 2 of 2.

Leno Interview - 1996 - Eraser Promo Image

Arnold appears on Leno to promote Eraser and teases about Jingle All The Way and his role as Mr. Freeze in Batman and Robin.

Leno Interview - 2013 - The Last Stand Promo

A lengthy interview in which Arnold discusses his family, politics, and a quick plug for The Last Stand.

Letterman Interview - 1991 - Babies and Council Appointment Image

Arnold appears on Letterman to talk about childbirth and his appointment by George Bush to the President's Council on Physical Fitness.

Letterman Interview - 1991 - T2 Promo Image

Arnold appearing on Letterman in 1991 to promote Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Arnold returns to Muscle Beach to promote his new line of nutritional supplements.

Predator Interview

Arnold discusses Predator during an interview in Dallas.

Richard and Judy Show - 2003 - T3 Promo

Arnold promotes Terminator 3 and what it took to get back in shape for the movie.

Running Man Interview (1987)

Arnold talks about the movie and what it was like filming it.

Sly and Arnold Interview With Joel Jaggar for Escape Plan

Sly and Arnold doing the interview rounds (this one with Joel Jaggar) to promote Escape Plan.

Summit Interview Soundbites for the Escape Plan

The audio is a little soft but there is plenty of Arnold!

The Expendables 2 Comi-Con Press Conference

Arnold and Stallone hyping up The Expendables 2 at Comic-Con in 2012.

The Expendables 2 Interview

A one-on-one interview with Arnold discussing The Expendables 2.

The Graham Norton Show Interview

Arnold talks about his bodybuilding days, movies, and the opening of his museum.

The Life of a Bodybuilder Interview Image

Arnold talks about what it is like being a bodybuilder.

The Lost Conan the Barbarian Interviews
Original interviews from 1982 give great insights into one of Arnold's greatest movies.
The Making of Terminator

Not a lot of Arnold but he has a couple gems during his brief interviews.

The Making of Terminator 2 3D Part 1/3

Part 1 of 3 featuring interviews with Arnold and other cast and crew members.

The Making of Terminator 2 3D Part 2/3

Part 2 of 3 featuring interviews with Arnold and other cast and crew members.

The Making of Terminator 2 3D Part 3/3

Part 3 of 3 featuring interviews with Arnold and other cast and crew members.

Tim Ferriss Interviews Arnold About Being Amazing

Tim Ferriss interviews Arnold regarding productivity, success, and generally being the most amazing human being alive.

Total Recall Premiere - 1990

What do Weird Al, Tony Danza, Grace Jones, and Mr. T. all have in common? They all got their minds blown at the Total Recall premiere together.

Unchained: The Making of Conan the Barbarian
An incredible and in-depth look at what went into making the biggest movie of it's time featuring interviews with many cast and crew members.
Working Out and Driving Tanks

Arnold revisits his military days as a tank driver and talks about how he would get his weight lifting in.

YouTube Comedy Week Behind the Scenes

There's a bunch of people trying to be funny then you get some glimpses of Arnold who IS funny.