So Many Animals, So Much Meat

Event Date
Event Host
Food / Beverages

Andrew - Shrimp Scampi / Cheesy Chicken Dip

John - Filipino Egg rolls / Wiener Schnitzel

Mike - Wild Boar Tacos / Pistachio Cake

Steve - Caribbean Jerk Tenders / Unmade Ultimate Italian Sausages

Jim - Beef Empanadas

Ben - Meat Pinwheels

Mark - Smoked Trout / Pork Roast

Event Highlights

Mark made his triumphant return after an extended haitus from ArnoldFest.

Killing Gunther made it's ArnoldFest premiere (we did fast forward to the 68 minute mark when Arnold arrives). The moments with Arnold received extremely high praise.

The plethora of animal types was astounding (multiple cuts of many): cow, pork, fish, shrimp, and beef.