We're Back!

Event Date
Event Host
Food / Beverages

Andrew - Skirt Steak Tacos / Brownies

Mike - Shrimp / Scallops / Pistachio Cake

Steve - Caribbean Jerk Tenderloins

Jim - 5lb Homemade Meat Pizza

John - Ribeye Steaks / Sausages

Mark & Ben - Upon the Tree of Woe

Event Highlights

After a year and a half of waiting... ArnoldFest has returned! Red meats were ample and presented in the highest quality of cuts.

It was determined that The Villain shall never be viewed again at future ArnoldFest's.

Personal pacing and meat consumption was a bit off due to the lack of self-control and the long period of time from the last Fest.

No photos were taken of the desserts.