Arnold's Audible

Event Date
Event Host
Food / Beverages

Matt - Chicken & Beef Faijitas

Ben - Beer Can Chicken / Very Manly Beers

Mike - Pork Tenderloin / Potato Salad / Eclair Cake

Jim - 9lbs Prime Rib

Andrew - Rib-eye Steak Sandwiches

Steve - Pork Roast / Cookies

Event Highlights

Crom was greatly saddened to see the last minute cancellation by Mark and the unfortunate professional duties John was required to tend to.

Both Last Action Hero and Raw Deal made their ArnoldFest viewing debuts. Raw Deal has been declared as a lost gem and will likely be making more appearances in future fests.

The audible for hosting duty had to be called due to kitchen renovations at Steve's house.

There was also no weigh during this ArnoldFest... Jim's Prime Rib was too enticing to wait for the scale to arrive.