The Summer of Venison

Event Date
Event Host
Food / Beverages

Meats: Venison back straps, Venison meatballs, Venison Steaks
Sides: Kettle cooked Zesty Ranch chips, Cape Code Sweet & Spicy Jalapeno Chips
Beverages: Great Divide Rumble IPA, Lagunitas Little Sumpin' Ale, Monster High Life

Meat: Rotisserie chicken
Side: Cool Ranch Doritos
Beverage: Jack Daniels' Honey Whiskey

Meat: Slow cooked ribs
Side: Corn on the cob (was not eaten due to non-meat or potato based status)
Beverage: Bells Two Hearted Ale

Meat: Italian sausage
Side: 10lb potato salad
Beverage: Miller Genuine Draft

Event Highlights
  1. was announced!
  2. Mark's back-up pepperoni pizza had "No chance."
  3. Venison back straps = supreme highlight
  4. Discovered amazing commentary as bonus features - must check commentary on all discs before watching any movie.