Mobile AF - Terminator: Dark Fate

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Sporting a 1:50pm showtime, meat consumption occurred at a fantastic burger joint near the theater called The Assembly. It certainly made a nice food base to hold us all over for the glory that awaited us.

Event Highlights

Disaster nearly struck the Mobile ArnoldFest event as for an unknown reason, the tickets were suddenly refunded and the 1:30pm show was cancelled less than 24 hours before showtime. Fortunately, the movie theater manager set things right by opening up a 1:50pm viewing while compensating us all of our pre-purchased tickets. The film was thoroughly enjoyed by all... especially Mark who declared it, "Awesome". Linda Hamilton totally crushed it as the lead actor with Arnold coming in about midway through with a presence as strong as ever. Definitely a must-see for any fan of Arnold or the Terminator series.