The Belated Fest

Event Date
Event Host
Food / Beverages

Andrew - Yellow Curry Shrimp Tacos (Plan C)

Matt (The New One) - Burgers

Mike - Shrimp Kabobs / Pistachio Cake

Steve - Caribbean Jerk Tenderloins

Jim - Stuffed Peppers Topped with Bacon and Cheese

Mark - Venison Roast

Event Highlights

Steve did a fantastic of hosting with a magnificent audio / video experience that was truly worth of ArnoldFest.

Mark made his triumphant return while narrowly overcoming defeat at the hands of the pistachio cake.

Matt made his inaugural ArnoldFest attendance a success by bringing more meat that could be eaten while also displaying an in-depth knowledge of not only Arnold films but cinema in general.

We also bow to the perseverance displayed by Andrew by not stepping down after being bamboozled not once but twice by his dish of choice.

There was a record set at this ArnoldFest... over 7lbs of shrimp were made and consumed.

Lastly... the Terminator: Dark Fate movie trailer was viewed and met with skepticism to the amount of Arnold that will be in the film.