All videos and events related to Commando.

Pool Party Denied!

Andrew - Chicken Cheese Dip / Two Flavors of Chicken Wings / Drumsticks

Matt (The New One) - Tree of Woe

Mike - Cedar Plank Salmon / Caprese Salad / Pistachio Cake

Steve - Tree of Woe

Jim - Rib Eye Steaks

Mark - Crazy Pepper and Beef / Filet Kabobs Wrapped in Bacon

John - Tree of Woe

Ben - Cactus of Woe

The Belated Fest

Andrew - Yellow Curry Shrimp Tacos (Plan C)

Matt (The New One) - Burgers

Mike - Shrimp Kabobs / Pistachio Cake

Steve - Caribbean Jerk Tenderloins

Jim - Stuffed Peppers Topped with Bacon and Cheese

Mark - Venison Roast

Phenomenal February

Mark - Venison Roasts

Mike - Daddy Wade's "Smells Like Food" Sausages / Hand Chopped Potato Salad

Jim - Pulled Chicken Sandwiches

Andrew - Meat PIzza / Chicken Wings

Steve - Bennett's Belly Butter Garlic Sirloin / The Revenge of Vilos Cohaaagen's I'm a Jerk, Caribbean Jerk Tenders

Ben - Korean BBQ Ribs

Pool Party

John - Brats / Burgers with Cheese Injection

Mike - Smoked Cedar Salmon / Filet / Caprese Salad

Andrew - Spicy Chicken Cheese Dip / Grilled Chicken Thigh & Drumsticks

Ben - Bone-In Leg of Lamb Roast

Mark - Gargantuan Venison Backstrap

Spring Time, Meat Time

Mark - Venison Roast & Venison Back-Straps / Homemade Ale

Matt - Mild / Spicy Sausage

Ben - Chili w/ Maggi(e) Seasoning

Mike - Beef Brisket / Beer Bread / Brownies

Jim - Bacon Stuffed Burgers Marinaded in Spicy Sauce

John - Chicken Vesuvio w/ Roasted Potato Wedges

Andrew - Bone-In Rib Roast

Steve - Dry Rubbed Ribs / Cookies

Vintage Victory

Mark - 4lb Venison Roast

Matt - Peppered Beef

Ben - Hercules in New York Strip Steaks

Mike - Arnold's Ark  / Potato Salad

Jim - Italian Beef Sandwiches

John - Baby Back Ribs

Steve - Herb Chicken / Pesto Pasta Salad