Pool Party Denied!

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Andrew - Chicken Cheese Dip / Two Flavors of Chicken Wings / Drumsticks

Matt (The New One) - Tree of Woe

Mike - Cedar Plank Salmon / Caprese Salad / Pistachio Cake

Steve - Tree of Woe

Jim - Rib Eye Steaks

Mark - Crazy Pepper and Beef / Filet Kabobs Wrapped in Bacon

John - Tree of Woe

Ben - Cactus of Woe

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It was indeed very dishearting to hear that the pool and deck restoration would not be complete in time for the Fest but there was a silver living: One of the most incredible home theater audio experiences of all time... the house was literally shaking from foundation to roof.

Mike was a failure at his camera duties to capture all elements of food as the Chicken Wings / Drumsticks and Pistachio Cake were not photographed.